Back at the turn of the century we started with our new business in Cyprus with Owners Direct Cyprus a property portfolio of rental,for sale type houses, homes and villas where we planned on direct buyers and direct sellers meeting up Direct via our Owners Direct Website. We would charge home Owners a fee for our services, that was the plan, initially we made good progress but natural business expansion led to different buyers, owners and tennants wanting different property deals. Subsequently a more complex business model evolved than we foresaw!

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Location: Tersefanou
Location: Neo-Chorio
Location: Geroskipou

One of the biggest headaches we discovered was the differential owner home prices offered up on various housing websites in Cyprus and U.K. for an individual's owner's home. We recognised that these disparities only led to a mistrust between buyers, owners and sellers alike. So we took the decision to amalgamate our property portfolio under one roof and to present a comprehensive property database covering the whole of Cyprus and for all types of property. We would hold specific owners details on individual properties. So we now showcase a more extensive and differing portfolio list of both new and resale properties in Cyprus and we of course have each and every owners specific property details on record. Some of our owners can still be contacted direct and some owners can not. We have "hooked" into a comprehensive property show list which definitely has a wide selection of houses and homes for sale in Cyprus.