About us

Dealing in Owners Directly and indirectly having an established network of professionals over southern Cyprus inland and coastal premesis with people that actually communicate with you!

Cyprus Property Sales and Investments

We have established a time served network of professional contacts. We know the Good Guys and have also found the Bad Guys! We have now a quality portfolio of advisors and investors. There is not a question or query that we can not advise upon. Cyprus is a small island and our business is here for the long term.

Developers in Cyprus:

Generally we have all the contact details for the Developers but in order for us to send out specifics the developers ask for a guaranteed appointment date and time prior to releasing more information. So that's what we require also.

Resale Owners in Cyprus:

The owners of resale property in Cyprus normally have all paperwork's in place including Title Deeds! We have owners contact details both direct and also some owners indirect. Some owners want a guaranteed appointment date and time, some owners just want contact details and will contact buyers direct. Of course we know which owners want direct contact details and which owners do not. Some owners do want us to undertake the viewings. We have great overall Cypriot property knowledge and are experienced in procedures and know all the right and wrong people here in Cyprus but local Cypriot village knowledge for example is best coming from the owners direct

Villas to Rent In Cyprus:

We are contacted by Owners of Villas for rent in Cyprus and this market really does change on a daily basis, so yes we do have Villas to rent in Cyprus Island wide, but advise you to contact us with your specifics and we can see what we have on our books on the day. We are contacted as a typical example to arrange the rent of a villa in six months time for but have found very few villa owners willing to commit. The Cypriot rental market really does move quickly so ask away as advice is free!